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OK – so we are heading into the Semi – Finals for the Battlefield Clan Wars T5 series and this is how the semi-finals will work.

First, lets start with the maps.

Three maps selected will be Argonne, Suez and Prise de Tour as shown below.

Next – how will team match ups work…. The below example show a match played between 1st and 4QM8

In the above example, 1st won all three rounds with 100 tickets adding up to 300 and 4QM8 total tickets added up to 135. Therefor, 300 -135 = 165. In this case the 165 is regarded as the winning team ticket difference.

Important to highlight:

  • All three maps need to be played
  • All ticket scores on every map needs to be recorded
  • 3 matches will take place with the 6 selected teams for Cup and Plate individually on the same format
  • 6 teams where selected based on the number 1 position in each pool after playoffs for the T5 Cup Semi-final and
  • 6 teams where selected based on the number 2 position in each pool after playoffs for the T5 Plate Semi-final
  • All 12 teams will play out in the same week

After the semi-finals the two teams with the highest winning ticket difference scores will enter into the final as shown in the example above.

The T5 Semi-Final line up for Clan Wars Season 3 will be

 For the CUP

For the Plate

GOOD luck to all teams….. and may the best team win.

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