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So… After much admin work, we have the final figures for the Happy Gaming Exhibition Match Charity Stream!

We have been astounded at the generosity of the community and no amount of words can truly express the gratitude we feel on behalf of the children at the Abraham Kriel Bambanani NPC.

From the very bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to all of those who shared, supported and of course donated to the campaign.

We started the campaign with a goal of R10 000.00 and are pleased to announce that we not only met that target… we smashed it!

Thanks to you, the amazing community that we are so proud to be a part of, we raised R25 000.00 – an incredible 250% target reached!

We also had a couple of individuals who contacted us and donated directly to CLAN WARS NPC – this is highly appreciated as the cost to run the website (plugins, hosting, licencing, etc.) and campaigns are ever increasing as we take on more, bigger and better initiatives….#justsaying …watch this space 🙂

To see the original campaign information and to watch the stream, there is a link at the bottom of the post that will take you to the where the magic happened… <3

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the Happy Gaming campaign:

Repress eSports – R2 000.00

Lilgr-_-nMonster (RoyL) – R 100.00

Trashpanda (GSE) – R 250.00

Calpone187 (GSE) – R 250.00

IonUnsullied (GSE) – R 250.00

darrenb429 (GiG) – R 750.00

Tamika Van Dijke (MoB) – R1 000.00

Mardospy (EVL) – R1 000.00

Nicholas Baillie – R 250.00

Untamed Beasts (UB) – R1 100.00

Wandiferis (EVL) – R 2 785.73

4QM8 – R1 300.00

TSG777 (S187) – R 200.00

Pondo-_- (EVL) – R 150.00

Trevor Sporen – R 100.00

KyleVR (MSMK) – R 100.00

AwsumLish (EVL) – R2 000.00

Maliez (MSMK) – R 100.00

AwsumLish (GSG) – R 500.00

ProNutroWarrior (EVL) – R 200.00

NamesAxe (EVL) – R1 600.00

Deon Jansen – R1 000.00

Predators (PDT) – R7 400.00

Charlie Tango Kakpraat (CTK) – R1 000.00

The total money donated totals in at R 25 385.73.


Bear in mind that while this is the amount raised in donations, the payment gateway used to process funds has a small processing fee charged per transaction. The actual funds that were transferred to our bank account were slightly short of R25 000.00, but we added in some funds to make it a nice, even, rounded number.

Once again… thank you to each and every one of you for the big and small roles you have played in the campaign!

Remember that there is another opportunity to donate towards the Abraham Kriel Bamabanani NPC on 27 July when we take part in the Creators United 24 hour Charity Stream.

If you would like to donate directly to CLAN WARS NPC to enable us to bring you a bigger and better platform and create more initiatives like this one, please visit https://bfclanwars.net/donation/.

As far as clans go – a big shout out to each and ever one that contributed toward this goal:

**these are only indicative off those who’s clans are immediately known, the remainder are listed above as individual donations

Happy Gaming!

Jaco & Seeker

Clan Wars Charity Stream

Clan Wars Charity Stream

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