COD Clan Wars Season 1 – Cyber Attack Rule Set V1.5 Updated 15/11/2019



Please note that the following ruleset should be read in conjunction with Clan Wars General Rules where applicable. All rights are reserved by Clan Wars to adapt and or change the ruleset during the competition should there be a viable reason to do so and with timely communication to the participants. By partaking in a Clan Wars organized event you agree to the Rules and Stipulations as set out by Clan Wars with this document being the primary and Clan Wars General Rules the secondary reference. Clan Wars reserves the right to exclude any Players and Clans or deny entry of such Players or Clans into any Clan Wars competition at its sole discretion. In terms of Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship please refer to the General rules as a guide. Noncompliance to a set rule or ruleset could result in penalties to a team or in its worst case, disqualification of a Player or Team or Clan. Any dispute will be handled by the League Masters, then the organizers then any third party that may need to assist in ruling but the final decision remins that of the organizers. 

Cross Play: It is a 5v5 Cyber Attack game mode with a minimum of 3 console players REQUIRED in each team for each match, with console referring to PS4 or Xbox. Your team match up could be 2xPS4, 1xXbox and 2xPC or 4xPS4 and 1x PC or combinations of this. Players are not restricted to region; however, the organizers will not be responsible for token issues that arise from “PING” or “LAG” should non-regional players be involved.

Team Set Up: A team consists of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10 players from the same clan. Only 5 players may be on a server at a time (for a 5v5) mode, and only streamers are permitted to use CODCAST (spectate) during a match. Spectating for your team will result in an immediate ban from the competition. For team composition requirements during a match, please refer to the Cross Play rules above.

Input vs Hardware: In relation to the minimum of 3 console players per team per match ruling, players are identified based on platform not input, so a PC player using a controller will still be identified as a PC player.

Server Setup and Hosting: Playable servers must be hosted by a console player. Servers are hosted on a Private Match platform and on this platform all Weapons, Equipment, Streaks and Perks are enabled by default. The correct load-out is the responsibility of each individual player prior to the start of the match, as it is also the players responsibility to ensure that any banned items are not part of that load-out. In accordance, please see Banned ITEMS section below. It is up to the two team captains to decide who will host the server. It is the responsibility of the hosting team to correctly setup the server based on the below specifications and rule set. Should a server be setup incorrectly, this could result in a dispute with the hosting team being negatively effected by a RED CARD based on the dispute. Games can be played Monday to Thursday in a week and it is up to the two captains playing to schedule the match at a mutually beneficial time during that week. Only if an agreement cannot be reached, a forced schedule will be done by the League Master and whatever team cannot accommodate that time will forfeit. This is a last resort.

Score reporting:  It is the responsibility of the winning team on match day to report the score. Scores are to be reported to any of the league masters and on discord under the #score-reporting channel. If you do not have the link to the channel this can be provided by the league masters. Score reporting has to be done within 24hr of a completed match if no disputes are logged.  For Disputes: Please see General Rules for reference.

Cyber Attack Scoring system and Match Setup:  Teams will be randomly seeded into a POOL. Pool play-offs will happen on a weekly basis and scoring will count toward the POOL table that will place teams according to score. At the end of POOL play-offs Semi Finalist will be identified based on score to progress to the semis and ultimately the final. A match will consist of 3 maps, each map will be played to the first team to win 5 rounds. The first team that reaches 5 wins will be the winner of that map. All 3 maps must be played, and overall score will determine the Winner of the match. Should a team drop off during the match, the result will be decided based on merit. If players drop due to force quitting, the infringing team will receive 0 and the other team full a 5 points per map that has been quit. If a team drops a player due to connectivity, they may request a restart if the map has been played for less than 2:30 min, after 2:30 min the map must be played with the remaining players. In the case of load-shedding (should it return during the tournament), teams need to be proactive and check schedules before matches. Teams need to organise for substitute players ahead of time. If load-shedding affects the rule as stipulated in Cross Play whereby teams MUST have 3 console players on each side during a match, League Masters or Clan Wars Management must be contacted as soon as the issue is brought to the Team Leader’s attention.

Cyber Attack Game Mode Win Conditions: You can win a round by eliminating all enemies on the map or by arming and destroying the opposing teams’ base point.

Cyber Attack General: Any team member that gets eliminated may be revived (unlimited times) by a fellow team member.

Pools and Playoffs:

All teams competing will be randomly assigned to a pool. In each pool, teams will play each other to determine the top team in each pool. Once all the matches in the pools have been completed, the top teams from each pool will enter the Semi Final Playoffs to determine the top two teams that will play in the final. In the Semi Final Playoffs, the winner of pool 1 is to play 6, 2 is to play 5, and 3 is to play 4, with the two top scoring teams progressing to the final. A diagram will be provided on the website and to team captains depicting how this will work.

Scoring Example:

Team A vs Team B….

Scoring Map 1:  4 – 5 (in this case team B wins)

Scoring Map 2:  5 – 3 (in this case team A wins)

Scoring Map 3:  1 – 5 (in this case team B wins)

Scores reported for the Match: Team A = 10 / Team B = 13. Scores will be accumulated over several matches to determine semi-final playoffs at the end of POOL matches.

Cyber Attack Game Mode Special Conditions: If a team does not show up or forfeits a game due to bad sportsmanship or player no shows, the opposing team will automatically win the match and be awarded the maximum win score of 15 points while the forfeiting team will receive 0.

MAPS: Maps of the week will be communicated before the start of the week of play (Between Friday of the previous week and before Monday of the week of play) but maps will be picked rotation.

For Map selection: Clan Wars will provide a list of 5 maps that can be picked…. one will be mandatory for the week selected by Clan Wars and then each captain can select one from the list of 5. A captain cannot select the same map for two consecutive games.

Banned ITEMS:

Banned Weapons:

  1. All Shotguns
  2. All Rockets / Propelled Explosives
  3. LMGs
  4. .357 Handgun 

Banned Grenades:

  1. None

Banned Equipment:

  1. Claymores
  2. Mines
  3. Ballistic / Riot Shield
  4. C4

Banned Kill Streaks:

  1. All Kill Streaks

Banned Field Upgrades:

  1. Recon Drone
  2. Trophy System
  3. EMP Drone

Banned Perks:

  1. All Perks

Class Restrictions:

  1. 1 Sniper Rifle per team per match


  • Using any banned equipment in a match: Should a banned item be used by a player; the team of that player will be held responsible and that map will be forfeited with the opposing team automatically scoring the maximum of 5 points and the infringing team automatically scoring the minimum points of 0 for that MAP.  Please see General rules on how infringements, disputes or rule breaking should be reported.
  • Game forfeits need to be agreed to and a team that has forfeited without confirmation is not acceptable. If this does happen, a re-schedule will be required. If a re-schedule is not possible, both teams will receive 0 score, subject to mediation.
  • Player settings cannot be controlled server-side; therefore, no player settings are stipulated baring one setting (Options>Account>Crossplay) Enabled. This is required to compete in this tournament.

  • Furthermore, for server settings only, if no setting is mentioned to be changed or indicated to be changed explicitly, this setting needs to remain at default and changing these settings will be considered a serious infringement.

Server Setting:


Game Settings

Advance Setting

Player Settings

Team Setting

Gameplay Settings

After Update Game Settings: Input Swap Allowed

Please take note, after the update this is a new server setting that is available,  this should be “disabled”