COD Clan Wars Season 3 – Hardpoint Rule Set V1.0 Updated 04/08/2020

Please note that the following ruleset should be read in conjunction with Clan Wars General Rules where applicable. All rights are reserved by Clan Wars to adapt and or change the ruleset during the competition should there be a viable reason to do so and with timely communication to the participants. By partaking in a Clan Wars organized event you agree to the Rules and Stipulations as set out by Clan Wars with this document being the primary and Clan Wars General Rules the secondary reference. Clan Wars reserves the right to exclude any Players and Clans or deny entry of such Players or Clans into any Clan Wars competition at its sole discretion. In terms of Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship please refer to the General rules as a guide. Noncompliance to a set rule or ruleset could result in penalties to a team or in its worst case, disqualification of a Player or Team or Clan. Any dispute will be handled by the League Masters, then the organizers then any third party that may need to assist in ruling but the final decision remains that of the organizers.

Cross Play: It is a 6v6 Hardpoint game mode. Players are not restricted to region; however, the organizers will not be responsible for token issues that arise from “PING” or “LAG” should non-regional players be involved. The only regional restriction is that a non-South African player may not host a match.

Team Set Up: A team consists of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 16 players from the same clan. Only 6 players may be on a server at a time (for a 6v6) mode, and only streamers are permitted to use CODCAST (spectate) during a match. Spectating for your team will result in an immediate ban from the competition. For team composition requirements during a match, please refer to the Cross Play rules above. Players are not permitted to change their COD name during the season. If an on-screen player name is found to be different from the one that was registered for their team, they are not permitted to play matches, and the opposing team may refuse to play the match until a player who is registered on the site joins the match or. If that player plays a match, the team will be given a yellow card infringement for each map that player participates in (see below in “Notes” for penalty points).

Input vs Hardware: Players are identified based on platform not input, so a PC player using a controller will still be identified as a PC player.

Server Setup and Hosting: Servers are hosted on a Private Match platform and on this platform all Weapons and Equipment are enabled by default. The correct load-out is the responsibility of each individual player prior to the start of the match, as it is also the players responsibility to ensure that any banned items are not part of that load-out. In accordance, please see Banned ITEMS section below. It is up to the two team captains to decide who will host the server – preferably to be hosted by a neutral host. It is the responsibility of the hosting team/ neutral host to correctly setup the server based on the below specifications and rule set. Should a server be setup incorrectly, this could result in a dispute with the hosting team being negatively effected by a RED CARD based on the dispute. Should a neutral host be responsible for the server being set up incorrectly, an admin will need to be consulted and could result in a rematch. Games must be played Monday to Thursday in a week and it is up to the two captains playing to schedule the match at a mutually beneficial time during that week. Only if an agreement cannot be reached, a forced schedule will be done by the League Admin and whatever team cannot accommodate that time will forfeit. This is a last resort. The only regional restriction is that a non-South African player may not host a match, this means that a player based in South Africa hosts the match.

Score reporting: It is the responsibility of the winning team on match day to report the score. Scores are to be reported to the assigned league master. Score reporting has to be done within 24hr of a completed match if no disputes are logged. For Disputes: Please see General Rules for reference. Scores must be reported with the final scoreboard of the match (with kills, deaths and player scores). Scoreboards must be legible and of good quality so that all names and values can be clearly seen. This is extremely important as we will need all of these scores to determine player statistics throughout the season.

Hardpoint Scoring system and Match Setup: 2 teams of 6 players battle against one another to get control of Hardpoints and earn points for their team (MAX 250). It’s a King of the Hill battle where the team with the most points wins. The team controlling a Hardpoint gains points as long as they control the area. The longer a team controls an area, the more points they get. Kills do not count toward the Hardpoint scores as per the server set up. Either team can contest the ownership of a point by simply entering the objective area. If players drop due to force quitting (rage quitting), the infringing team will receive 0 and the other team full points per map that has been quit. If a team drops a player due to connectivity, they may request a restart if the map has been played for less than 2:30 min, after 2:30 min the map must be played with the remaining players. In the case of load-shedding (should it return during the tournament), teams need to be proactive and check schedules before matches. Teams need to organise for substitute players ahead of time. In the case of large updates or server issues, team captains should notify Clan Wars Admins as soon as possible and the decision about schedules will be decided by Clan Wars Management.

Divisions and Playoffs:
All teams competing will be placed in a division with divisional preference given to teams with previous seasonal scores. In each division, teams will play each other to determine the top teams in each division. Once all the matches in the division have been completed, the two top teams from each division will enter the Final Playoffs to determine the divisional winner. The second and third teams will play off for the 3rd position. No official playoffs will be held between divisions.

Hardpoint Game Mode Special Conditions: Each match will consist of 3 MAPS, all 3 MAPS need to be played with over all scores recorded. If a team does not show up or forfeits a game due to bad sportsmanship or player no shows, the opposing team will automatically win the match and be awarded the maximum win score of 250 points while the forfeiting team will receive 0.


• Arklov Peak

• Azhir Cave

• Gun Runner

• Hackney Yard

• Rammaza

• St. Petrograd

• Grazna Raid

• Crash

• Piccadilly

• Shoot House

• Vacant

• Atlas Superstore

• Talsik Backlot

• Hovec Sawmill

• Khandor Hideout

• Aniyah Incursion

Each Week the Organizers will pick 1 mandatory MAP and each team may pick 1 MAP from the list bringing the total of 3 MAPS per match.

Teams are not permitted to choose the same map two matches in a row.

Restricted Items

  • LMG (All)
  • Shotgun (All)
  • Riot Shield
  • Launchers (All)
  • .357 Handgun
  • Claymore
  • C4
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Proximity Mine
  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • ANY tracer variants of ANY weapon
  • Flash tacticals
  • Stun tacticals
  • Renetti handgun
  • Akimbo Handgun Perk
  • SKS Marksman Rifle
  • Gas Grenades
  • Any weapon locked behind a “pay-wall” (not unlockable through player grind)

Weapons released during during a Call of Duty Season mid-comp

  • Not all new weapons are locked behind a paywall, but available through the battle pass and in private servers.

  • Any new weapons will not be allowed until the new Clan Wars Season.

  • This is for a couple of  reasons:

    1) it gives all players a chance to grind toward unlocking the new weapons

    2) it gives the Clan Wars Team a chance to review if the weapons are OP or “broken” before we allow them

Restricted Field Upgrades

  • Recon Drone
  • EMP Drone
  • Stopping Power Rounds
  • Weapon Drop
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Trophy System

Underbarrel Attachments

o M203 40mm Concussive

o M203 40mm Smokescreen

o M203 40mm Recon

o M203 40mm High-Explosive

o M203 40mm Flash

o M203 40mm Incendiary

o 12 Gauge Deputy

Kill Streaks




Class Restrictions

1 X Sniper per Team per Match

1 X Marksmen per Team per Match


• If a team plays a non-registered player in a match, uses a banned weapon or banned equipment, and this is reported after the match, the team could receive a yellow card per map that the non-registered player participated in or offending weapon or equipment was used in.

• Game forfeits need to be agreed to by both teams and a team that has forfeited without confirmation is not acceptable and could result in a penalty to be determined by Clan Wars Management.

• Player settings cannot be controlled server-side; therefore, no player settings are stipulated baring one setting (Options>Account>Crossplay) Enabled. This is required to compete in this tournament.

• Furthermore, for server settings only, if no setting is mentioned to be changed or indicated to be changed explicitly, this setting needs to remain at default and changing these settings will be considered a serious infringement. Should new settings arise after an update, please immediately inform on of the Clan Wars Management team and they will advise you.

• Once players are registered no name changes or additional players will be permitted. This is a huge admin burden and cannot be allowed during the tournament, especially in the case of us capturing player statistics during the season. In the worst case scenario a name change can be viewed as ghosting and this is considered a serious infringement.

• One Yellow Card amounts to a points deduction of fifty (50) points per infringement – the total will be deducted from your overall score on the divisional table.

• The fourth Yellow Card will result in the team receiving a Red Card.

• One Red Card amounts to a points deduction of one hundred and fifty (150) points – the total will be deducted from your overall score on the divisional table.

• Once a team has received a Red Card, the next infringement thereafter (no matter the size) could result in the offending team not being able to participate further in the season.

Server Settings – HARDPOINT

Game Settings

• Time Limit: 5 Minutes

• Score Limit: 250 Points

• Match Start Time: 15 Seconds

• Skip Infil: Enabled

• Input Swap Allowed: Disabled

• CDL Tuning: Disabled

• Codcaster: Enabled

Advanced Settings

• Points Per Kill: 0 Points

• Points Per Death: 0 Points

• Headshot Bonus Points: 0 Points

• Killstreak Kill Bonus Points: 0 Points

• Time to Capture Zone: Instant

• Zone Lifetime: 1 Minute

• Initial Activation Delay Time: 15 Seconds

• Activation Delay Time: Disabled

• Location Order: Linear

• Scoring: Constant

• Pause Time: Enabled

• Objective Team Spawn Delay: Disabled

• Spawn Delay Timer: N/A

Player Settings

• Number of Lives: Unlimited

• Max Health: 100 (Normal)

• Health Regeneration: Normal

• Tactical Sprint: Enabled

• Weapon Mounting Enabled

• Allow Revives: Disabled

• Show Enemy Death Location: Disabled

• Downed Health: N/A (leave at 40 points)

• Downed Revive Health: N/A  (leave at half/50)

• Downed Bleedout Timer: N/A (leave at 10 seconds)

• Downed Revive Time: N/A (leave at 2 seconds)

• Downed Give Up Time: N/A (leave at 1 second)

Team Settings

• Spectating: Team Only

• 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled

• Killcam: Disabled

• Final Killcam: PotG

• Enable Mini Map: Yes

• Radar Always On: Disabled

• Weapon Pings on Minimap: Enabled

• Weapon Pings on Compass: Disabled

• Enemy on Compass: Disabled

• Respawn Delay: None

• Wave Spawn Delay: None

• Suicide Spawn Delay: None

• Force Respawn: Enabled

• Team Assignment: Enabled

• Friendly Fire: Disabled

• Team Kill Punish Limit: Disabled


• Spawn Camera: Disabled

• Hardcore Mode: Disabled

• Realism Mode: Disabled

• Spawn Ammo Mags: Normal

• Headshots Only: Disabled

• Health Steal: Disabled

• Cranked Timer: Disabled

• Allow Field Upgrades: Enabled

• Field Upgrade Charge Rate: Normal

• Field Upgrade Score Multiplier: Normal

• Perks: Disabled

• Killstreaks: Disabled

• Round Retain Streaks: N/A (Disabled)

• Retain Streaks on Death: N/A (Disabled)

• Equipment Delay: Disabled

• Equipment Protection: 7.5 Seconds

• Battle Chatter: Enabled

• Announcer Dialog: Enabled