Cold War Season 1 Specific Rules

Clan Wars Esports - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Rules

Seeding Rounds:

  1. Seeding matches will take place as randomly drawn.
  2. Seeding will take place over 2 weeks.
  3. Teams will play 3 seeding matches – 1 on a Tuesday, 1 on a Thursday and then 1 on the Tuesday of the following week.
  4. Teams will be randomly drawn by means of an online picker for seeding matches.
  5. Seeding scores will be determined by Scoring (the same scoring system as used in the league divisions).
  6. The purpose of seeding matches is not only to place teams into divisions within their own skill group, but also to prepare teams for the season knowing how the process and rulesets work.


  1. Teams will be placed into divisions for Round Robin Style league play.
  2. Division placements will be determined by seeding rounds.
  3. Each team will play the other teams in their division once over the course of the season.
  4. League scores will be determined by Scoring.
  5. In the event of a draw for 1st place in a division, a sudden death match between the two top teams will be scheduled for division winner (on a best out of 3 basis).


  1. Team eligibility at any point during the season is up to the organisers of Clan Wars as a final decision. This can be subject (but not limited) to:
    1. Sportsmanship
    2. Penalties
    3. Suspected cheating
    4. Fraud
    5. Causing disruptions to the season
  2. Teams must be registered by ONLY the team representative before-hand at the link provided.
  3. Any changes to the team representative MUST be communicated to their League Master or Clan Wars Admin as soon as it occurs
  4. Teams MUST be represented in the CLAN WARS DISCORD Server as match scheduling and score reporting will occur there.
  5. Teams will be made up of exactly 6 players (for 4v4 games) and no substitutions will be considered once the cut-off date has passed.
  6. Teams competing in a match will have a minimum 2 console player per match This means that at least 2 players in every team that plays a match on any given night will need to either be playing on PlayStation or Xbox. If a team cannot meet that requirement on match night, they will be forced to forfeit the game or reschedule during the play week (Monday – Thursday)
    1. Players are identified based on platform not input, so a PC player using a controller will still be identified as a PC player.
    2. Should there be issues with the team’s Loadshedding schedules in the event that Loadshedding becomes an issue and a team cannot field 2 console players for a match, a Clan Wars Admin may request the Loadshedding schedules for a team and determine a best possible outcome for the match scheduling.
  7. Multi-clanning will only be allowed where the player is part of an all-girl team to promote full female gaming teams (ie: in all other cases, players may only represent one team).
  8. Players under the age of 18 will be required to provide extra signed documentation from a guardian that will be provided to them after registration.
  9. Players are not permitted to change their COD name during the event. If an on-screen player name is found to be different from the one that was registered for their team, they are not permitted to play matches and therefore the team will be forced to forfeit or play with fewer participants.
  10. Players must also ensure that “CODENAME” is disabled. This can be found under SETTINGS –> ACCOUNT & NETWORK –> CONTENT FILTERS –> CODENAME. Use of a CODENAME could result in a penalty. 


  1. Each match will consist of 3 maps – Hardpoint, Control, Search & Destroy
    1. Teams will play until one team has a total of 250 points.
    2. Each team will receive the number of points that they scored toward their accumulative divisional total.
    3. A Hardpoint win will be a maximum of 250 points for the winning team.
    1. Teams will play until one team has a total of 3 round wins.
    2. Each team will receive 100 points per round win.
    3. A Control win will get you a maximum of 300 points for the team.
    1. Teams will play until one team has a total of 6 round wins.
    2. Each team will receive 50 points per round win.
    3. An SnD win will get you a maximum of 300 points for the team.
    1. Bonus points are awarded to the team that wins the majority of the maps (either by winning 2-3 or 3-0)
    2. An additional 50 points will be awarded to the winning team.
  6. Score maximum breakdown (maximum 900 points per team per match):
    1. Hardpoint – 250 points
    2. Control – 300 points
    3. SnD – 300 points
    4. Bonus points – 50 points

Matches & Streaming:

  1. Match servers are hosted on a Custom Game platform and set up using the CDL modes CDL Hardpoint, CDL Control, CDL Search & Destroy.
  2. The correct load-out in accordance with the Clan Wars Gentlemen’s Agreement is the responsibility of each individual player prior to the start of the match, as it is also the players responsibility to ensure that any banned items are not part of that load-out.
  3. Captains should check the loadouts with their team prior to matches and understand that incorrect loadouts will result in penalties for their team (See Penalties).
  4. It is up to the two team captains to decide who will host the server – preferably to be hosted by a neutral host (not playing and not from either team).
  5. Matches will be played in a Clan Wars match week.
    1. A Clan Wars match week extends from Monday – Thursday.
  6. No matches will be permitted after Thursday except in the event of the following exceptional circumstances:
    1. Universal server-side issues
    2. Massive unannounced game updates
  7. In the event of Loadshedding issues arising unexpectedly, teams will be required to work around the times of their teammates.
    1. If a team has conflicts with Loadshedding times, a Clan Wars admin may review the schedules of the teams to determine a best possible outcome for scheduling.
    2. Unplanned outages are not covered by the Loadshedding amendment.
  8. Teams will be permitted to negotiate the match day and time between the team captains.
    1. Should there be no amicable decision made, a League Master or Clan Wars Admin will set a day and time for the match – This is a last resort.
    2. Any team that cannot make the forced scheduling will forfeit the match or play with less players.
  9. Game scheduling needs to be done in the week prior to the match and communicated with your League Master via the Match Scheduling Discord channel allocated to your division by Friday 11:00am the week before your scheduled match.
  10. Should a server be set up incorrectly, the map must be abandoned, the host should correct the error and the map should be replayed.
  11. The only regional restriction is that a non-South African player may not host a match, this means that a player/host based in South Africa MUST host the match.
  12. Teams are given leeway of 15 minutes to ensure their team is online and ready. Any further delay could result in a penalty for that team.
  13. If a server crashes (on the host side) in a burn round or LIVE game, the host is required to restart that round/mode.
    1. The “crashed” round will be taken as void.
    2. If the server crashes once, it will likely crash again for a brief period of time. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed to restart the game and server.
    3. Failing to restore the game in this time period the game must be rescheduled with the procedure specified below:
    4. If the server crashes and cannot be restored as per above, the match must be rescheduled to be played withing the allocated time fame (Monday to Thursday of that week).
  14. Teams are permitted to ask for a host change should the connection not be stable for them (Limited to one host change per match)
    1. Should the new host connection still not be stable, proof needs to be submitted to the League Master and a match can then be rescheduled during the Clan Wars Match Week (Monday – Thursday).
  15. In games where a player(s) drops, it is the duty of the team captains to immediately confirm to each other and host if player(s) disconnects from the game. Please keep an eye on your communications to identify this problem as soon as it happens.
    1. If a player disconnect has taken place before 2 minutes in a Hardpoint game, or within the first round of Control or Search & Destroy, the full map will be replayed on server restore.
    2. If a player drops after the above, the map should continue. Only if more than one player drops should the map/mode be abandoned by the host, the players should re-join or substitutes brought in and the map should be replayed. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for replacement of players.
  16. When both teams agree that a server crash has taken place and the game cannot continue on another host on the night, a rematch must take place on a different date. The match should be rescheduled to be played withing the allocated time fame (Monday to Thursday of that week). The new date and time must be submitted to the roster and the League Master must be informed. The same maps will be replayed in this event.
  17. If a dispute occurs and no amicable resoluton can be achieved, both teams will take the forfeit and both teams will receive a game played but with “ZERO” cumulative score to the league table.
    1. Should no team wish to forfeit as above, an agreement to play both teams with smaller player counts (eg: 4v4) needs to be reached with Clan Wars admin.
  18. CODCASTER MODE: Teams should arrange a neutral streamer to cast their matches timeously to ensure that all parties are fair and the match has unbiased commentating. If teams fail to procure a neutral streamer, teams may broadcast gameplay from their POV (point of view).
    1. Even in the case where a neutral streamer is available, players in the match may still broadcast gameplay from their POV (point of view), but only one streamer will be allowed in CODCASTER.
  19. In the case of teams wanting a 3rd person broadcast for their match, the following applies:
    1. Provided that both team captains of the teams that are playing agree, streamers may be in Codcaster for that match for the purpose of broadcasting the match to the community.
    2. Streamers are also asked to add an additional delay on the broadcasting side to combat “stream sniping.”
  20. Same team streaming will only be allowed only if:
    1. The match is broadcast (Link to be provided by the stream team)
    2. Both captains explicitly agree (Assumptions will not be regarded as a defense).
    3. A representative of both teams is present on the broadcast (If a team wishes to stream their own clans match a commentator from the opposing team must be present in the stream, as both teams should be represented)
    4. Take special note, that if such agreement is reached between the two teams, any infringement and or accusation arising from this arrangement will not be recognized by the organizers. If the above conditions are not 100% met, the below rule will apply:
  21. Teams are asked not to be in codcaster no matter the reason. 
    1. Additional people in CODCASTER put strain on the server so streamers/hosts are asked to keep to a minimum. 
    2. No subs are permitted to “wait” in CODCASTER


YELLOW CARD = -150 points on the divisional standing.

RED CARD = – 450 points on the divisional standing.

After the 3rd YELLOW CARD = your next infringement is a RED CARD.

The next infringement after a RED CARD will result in a team being disqualified.

  1. Use of weapons/items banned in the Clan Wars Gentleman’s Agreement:
    • If a team sees that a player(s) in the opposing team is using a restricted weapon/item, this should be brought to the attention of the opposing team captain at the end of the round. Should this happen the following applies:
      1. Proof of the banned weapon/item should be captured in case of a dispute.
      2. The captain should ensure the player(s) using the banned weapon/item should immediately change their loadout for the following round.
      3. The team infringing will receive a YELLOW CARD for the map where a player(s) used a banned weapon/item prior to being advised of the issue.
      4. Should a player(s) continue to use the banned weapon/item after being advised, the team will receive a match forfeit and the player will be suspended from the season. Teams will not be allowed to amend their roster once this happens, and they will only be allowed to continue with 5 players on their team.
    • Should an infringement be picked up after a full match and the opposing team captain was not informed, the team will receive 1 yellow card where a banned weapon/item was used for the MATCH (not per round).
    • Should Clan Wars Admin deduce that a banned weapon/item was used intentionally for malicious intent, either a player or a team might be subject to disqualification.
  2. Teams will be required to report of any rule infringement(s) at the end of the map/match in which the infringement occurred to the league master and whether or not it was reported to the opposing team captain during the match.
    • Teams will then need to provide proof (video or screenshot) of the infringement after the match. Failure to do so could possibly void any penalty for the opposing team.
  3. If a player on a team is not registered on the team roster (on the website), the team could face a penalty as below:
    • Non-registered players will be identified when the team stats for the match are entered.
    • Each map where a team has used an unregistered player will become a map forfeit and full points (900) will be allocated to the non-offending team and the team found to be in infringement will receive zero (0) points.
  4. If a team forfeits a match by choice, the opposing team receives the full 900 points for the match. and the forfeiting team will receive zero (0) points.
  5. If a team forfeits by choice more than once during the season, the team will be disqualified.
  6. If a team is not available to start a match within the 15 minute grace period from the agreed upon star time, the team could face a YELLOW CARD penalty.
    1. Should a team still not be available to start a game after 30 minutes of the agreed start time, that team could face a match forfeit.
    2. Both situations will be evaluated by Clan Wars Admin based upon extenuating circumstances.
    3. Please be aware especially in a case where a streamer is live for a match that your team’s tardiness and lack of planning is extremely disrespectful towards other players and streamers and hosts who are there to help you. It is a poor reflection on your team.
  7. Teams caught spectating or “stream sniping” will face the following consequences if enough proof is gathered:
    1. The player(s) using Codcaster mode will receive a one Season ban. If the player is a member one of the teams that is playing, they will forfeit the entire match the spectator was used on. 

Result Reporting:

  1. It is the responsibility of the winning team on match day to report the result in the Discord channel assigned to your division for Result Reporting (with the accompanying screenshots).
  2. Result reporting must be done within 24hr of a completed match if no disputes are logged (For Disputes: Please see GENERAL RULES for reference)
  3. Scoreboards must be legible and of good quality so that all names and values can be clearly seen for the end of map scores. This is extremely important as we will need all of these scores to determine player statistics throughout the season.


  1. Teams are reminded that Clan Wars Esports (the event organisers) is an organisation that promotes fair play and good sportsmanship. In the spirit of building a fun, competitive environment that grows the community, bad sportsmanship may result in a map or match forfeit or disqualification. Bad sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Toxic Behaviour
    2. Insulting comments
    3. Bullying
    4. Sexual harassment or comments
    5. Racial harassment or comments
    6. Extremist statements
    7. Religious harassment or negative comments
    8. Any form of discrimination
    9. Any sexual content
  2. Teams found to be guilty of one or more offenses may additionally be banned from future Clan Wars Esports events and seasons.

Fraud and Cheating:

  1. FRAUDULENT attempts to convince any part of the event organization team with false information, data or fake statements may result in a permanent ban from all Clan Wars Esports Leagues, competitions, tournaments and social media platforms. This includes (but is not limited to) accusing players and teams of cheating without proof. Any sort of cheating either direct or indirect during a Clan Wars Esports season or match is forbidden.
  2. CHEATING in any competitive environment is prohibited in any form. Cheating in video games involves a player using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier for themselves or harder for other players. Cheats may be activated from within the game itself (a cheat code implemented by the original game developers) or created by third-party software (a game trainer) or hardware (a cheat chip, inserted into a device or controller). They can also be realised by exploiting software bugs – this may or may not be considered cheating based on whether the bug is considered common knowledge.
  3. PROMOTING, advertising or encouraging the use of any cheating method, device or exploit as mentioned above is prohibited.
  4. ACCOUNT SWAPPING with players not registered for the event is prohibited. By registering your name and details for the event, you are proclaiming that you are the player taking part and no 3rd party is playing on your account.
  5. Any player found to be contravening the rules against cheating will be subject to an investigation and the player and or team they represent could forfeit their matches, forfeit prizes and possibly be banned from future events and seasons hosted by Clan Wars Esports. An official report will be conducted and released to the teams taking part in Clan Wars Esports events in an effort to minimize future cases of cheating and to promote transparency in the community.