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CLAN WARS ESPORTS (2019 / 246335 / 08) is a registered NPC with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
(CIPC) and governed by and complies to The Companies Act, 2008 with direct governance by a board of Directors.

Clan Wars eSports NPC has been a labour of love, built out of the drive to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

With the support of the incredible community behind us and the passion of the individuals who work tirelessly in their own time to make this initiative a reality, we hope to uplift and effect positive changes in the lives of gamers all across South Africa and in their communities.

The above document is only an extract of documentation and is limited in view to protect sensitive information and data. Full company documentation and information is available on file and may be viewed at the registered physical address should this be required. A list of documentation as per the legal requirements are listed below

– Registration / disclosure certificate – COR14.3
– Notice of incorporation – COR14.1
– Notice of incorporation – Initial directors – COR14.1A
– Memorandum of incorporation – COR15.1A (PTY) Ltd. or COR15.1C NPC