DOMINATION 8v8 Season 4


  • The round any rule was infringed on will be forfeited & a yellow card will be issued.

Examples of such infractions include, but are not limited to, the use of disallowed weapons & gadgets.

  • Teams will be required to report any infractions that occur during the match to the league master within 24 hours of the match.

Video evidence must be included with the report.

The league master will rule on the matter.

This ruling could force a 3rd match.

The league master’s ruling is final.

  • 3 Yellow Cards = 1 Red Card = -5 points on the league table
  • After 2 Red Cards a team will be disqualified
  • Teams who forfeit matches will be penalised with -2 points on the league table
  • Teams who forfeit X3 matches will be disqualified

Weapons & Gadgets A table with a breakdown of what is allowed and what is disallowed is included with this document.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter please contact the league master.

A maximum of 2 Recon Players can be spawned in at any given time.


Each match will consist of 3 maps.

All 3 maps MUST be played.

The team that wins 2 of the 3 maps wins the match.


Winning a map grants a team 1 Point.

You can score a maximum of 3 Points per match.

Server crashes

In the event of a server crash during a live round the game must be set up again and   the same map must be replayed. The same map rotation must also be adhered to.

Match Days

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs are Match days.

Sat & Sun are not convenient to the majority of players.


Fixtures are to be submitted by Friday for matches the following week.

Only submitted and recorded fixtures will count towards the league.

Along with your match submission needs to be the list of 3 agreed upon maps.

In the case of load-shedding (should it return during the tournament), teams need to be proactive and check schedules before matches. Teams need to organise for substitute players ahead of time.


Each week one map will be mandatory as per the game schedule.

The mandatory map MUST be played.

A team may not choose the same map two (2) weeks in a row.

Each captain may choose one (1) map from the list below (the mandatory map for that week may not be chosen as the team’s map).

Map List

Fjell 652
Lofoten Islands
Twisted Steel


Only password protected servers may be used for League Matches

Loadshedding amendment (21/02/2020)

– Teams who have Loadshedding issues (and only loadshedding issues) will be permitted to reschedule matches for the following week.

– New match schedules MUST suit both teams

– These teams undertake the responsibility to play 2 games in the new week and not to reschedule the second except in extreme cases and with the mediation and consideration of Clan Wars management

– Matches that have been rescheduled for the following week MUST be played that week – further delays are not permitted. You have a week grace, please schedule wisely.

– All delays and reschedules are to be communicated to the league master before the original match time

– Teams who cannot make the new scheduled day/time after agreeing to the new schedule will forfeit the match

– If a dispute arises between clans due to rescheduling, please contact me to mediate

– If all the games for the week are not played and any have been rescheduled, we will not have a recap show that weekend


*Please note that no Chapter 6 weapons will be allowed during Season 4*

Handguns All Allowed
Grenades All Allowed
Semi Auto None Allowed
Sturmgewehr 1-5 Allowed
STG 44 Allowed
M1907 SF Allowed
Ribeyrolles Allowed
Breda Allowed
Frag Grenade Rifle Not Allowed
Dynamite Not Allowed
PIAT Not Allowed
Fliegerfaust Not Allowed
Panzerfaust Not Allowed
Suomi Not Allowed
M1928 Tommy Allowed
Type 2A Not Allowed
Type 100 Allowed
ZK383 Allowed
EMP Allowed
Sten Allowed
MAB38 Allowed
MP40 Allowed
MP28 Allowed
MP34 Allowed
M3 Grease Gun Not Allowed
M28 Con Tromboncino Not Allowed
Commando Carbine Allowed
Jungle Carbine Not Allowed
AP Mines Not Allowed
Smoke Grenade Rifle Allowed
Shotguns None Allowed
MMG’s None Allowed
KE7 Allowed
Bren gun Allowed
FG42 Allowed
Lewis Allowed
Madsen Allowed
LS26 Allowed
BAR Allowed
Type 97 Allowed
AT Grenade Pistol Not Allowed
AT Mine Not Allowed
AP Mine Not Allowed
Boys AT Rifle Not Allowed
PanzerBuchse 39 Not Allowed
Gewehr M95/30 Allowed
Krag Jorgensen Allowed
Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk1 Allowed
Kar98K Allowed
Ross Rifle Mk III Allowed
Model 8 Allowed
ZH 29 Allowed
RSC Allowed
Selbstlader 1906 Allowed
P08 Carbine Allowed
Trench Carbine Allowed
Spotting Scope Allowed
Sniper Decoy Allowed
AP Mines Not Allowed
Spawn Beacon Not Allowed
Spotting Flare Not Allowed
Throwing Knives Allowed