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Last night we did the exciting live draw for the slots in the Battlefield Clan Wars Happy Gaming T8 Domination event on Battlefield 1. Thank you to all of those who joined us live, but most of all, thank you to the community for the amazing response we have received since we announced the Solo Event.

So lets recap all of the information that has been spoken about as we prepare for the knock out matches to start next week…

BFCW Happy Gaming T8 Dom Brackets

Sponsored Prizes

We are very proud to include prizes from the Wiener Vape Company for the winners of the BFCW Battlefield 1 Happy Gaming T8 Dom! Wiener Vape has provided us with Battlefield Clan Wars branded vape flavours Rotterdam Cherry Bomb and Narvic Choc Mint for the winners and the runners up of the first knock out bracket. The winners will receive both of these awesome flavours, with the runners up receiving one of the flavours.

Please note that you need to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to win these prizes.

Have a look on their website to check out what other amazing deals they offer.

Wiener Vape BFCW Rotterdam Cherry Bomb and Narvic Choc Mint

3 Stages to the Solo Event

Right in the beginning we announced a 2nd phase to the event – as soon as the official Happy Gaming T8 final had concluded, we would be launching a second knock out bracket – The Underdog Cup.

Teams that were knocked out in the first round of the Happy Gaming T8 bracket (including the teams knocked out after the “Bye” teams have played) would be automatically entered into the schedule for the Underdog Cup, set to commence after the final in the main bracket has been played. This gives teams a chance to play more matches and improve their skills as they face off for a chance to be known as the Underdog Cup Champions.

The 3rd stage will be an exhibition match between the winner of the Happy Gaming T8 Dom and the Underdog Cup. We all love an underdog story, so giving the Underdog Cup Champions a chance to take on the winners of the main bracket will be an amazing match to watch!

The outcome of the Underdog Cup and the exhibition match do not affect the winners of the Happy Gaming T8 Dom, nor the prizes that they would have won.

Matches, Maps and Streams

For the first time on BFCW, we have access to South African servers to play the Battlefield 1 matches.

Please bear in mind that there are only 2 servers available to play on, so if teams are wanting to schedule matches on those servers, please contact Endseeker707 to book your slots (on a first come, first served basis).

If teams are unable to secure a South African server on the only date which both teams are available, the team captains can agree to rent an EU server for the match (on the understanding that it does not grant either team an unfair advantage).

If you would like to have your match streamed, please make use of the “Stream Request” channel on discord to ask if someone is available. Streamers are asked to make sure to include “BFCW” or “Battlefield Clan Wars” in the title of their stream.

Matches need to be scheduled the week before (as soon as clans know who they will be playing) so that we can have it appear on the scheduling for the next week.

Map Rotation
Week 1 – (1) Monte Grappa – (2) St. Quentin Scar – (3) Sinai Desert –
Week 2 – (1) Ballroom Blitz – (2) Prise-de-tahur – (3) Amiens –
Week 3 – (1) Suez – (2) Giant’s Shadow – (3) Argonne Forest –
Week 4 – (1) Fao Fortress – (2) Nivelle Nights – (3) St. Quentin Scar –

Matches must take place between Monday – Saturday of the week they are scheduled for, and team captains need to advise either of the league masters, Roxane Holmes (holmegirl-07) or Stewart Chalmers (Royal_9Seconds) of the upcoming schedule, and again the outcome of the matches.

If there are any disputes, team captains are asked to contact the league masters to look into it as soon as possible after the match.

Rules and Regulations

The BFCW Battlefield 1 Happy Gaming T8 Dom Solo event is considered an official Battlefield Clan Wars event, and by that right, the league rules apply. Bans are active for the Solo event, but do not count towards the season ban total incurred by clans or individuals.

Battlefield Clan Wars General Rules

Battlefield Clan Wars DOM Ruleset


Most correspondence for the event will be communicated through the Battlefield South Africa (PS4) Facebook page or through the Happy Gaming T8 Discord Channel – Including upcoming fixtures and results as well as links to match streams.

If you have any questions, please get hold of the league masters or post a question on the BF Clan Wars Discord.

To view the brackets and schedules, check out the event page here.

We are extremely excited to see this Solo Event kick off next week!

See you on the Battlefield!

Happy Gaming!


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