Happy Gaming – COD

Clan Wars Esports presents…

Happy Gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

5v5 SND Double Elimination Knock Out

“Upper Bracket” – refers to the Main Bracket of the event

“Underdogs Bracket” – refers to the bracket created by teams who are knocked out during the first round of the “Upper Bracket”.

“Underdogs Victory” – refers to the case where the winner of the “Underdogs Bracket” beats the winner of the “Upper Bracket” in the final

“Champions” – refers to the overall winner after the finals.

  1. Teams will be randomly drawn for placement in the first bracket.
  2. Random placements will happen live on stream and will be final.
  1. The “Upper Bracket” will serve as the main bracket.
  2. Teams knocked out in the first round will go through to an “Underdogs Bracket” to compete for a chance to take on the “Upper Bracket” winner.
  3. In the final, should there be an “Underdog Victory” where the winners of the “Underdog Bracket” beat the winners of the “Upper Bracket,” the winners of the “Upper Bracket” will have the option to re-challenge the winners of the “Underdog Bracket” for the title of Champions (due to being undefeated previously).
    1. A re-challenge in the case of an “Underdogs Victory” is at the sole discretion of the “Upper Bracket” winners and not an obligation.
    2. In the case of an “Underdog Victory,” if a re-challenge is issued by the “Upper Bracket winners” the “Underdogs Winners” must accept. Failure to accept the re-challenge will result in a forfeit for the “Underdogs Winner.”
  1. Matches will be played under the CDL (Call of Duty League) rulesets for Search and Destroy as selected by default when using the CDL SND mode.
  2. Each tournament round win condition will be a “best out of 3” situation, with all 3 rounds needing to be played in case of disputes during one of the rounds.
  3. GAs or Gentlemen’s Agreements for CDL SND are in place.
    1. Team captains have a responsibility to ensure their teams are fully aware of the GAs before the match and take responsibility for their team using banned weapons/attachments.
    2. If a team is found to be using items/weapons not allowed under the GA agreement, this will result in a round loss for that team.
    3. Proof of the other team breaking a GA must be submitted to the Clan Wars Admin immediately post-match and must be in the form of screenshots or clips from either players in the match or the stream.
    4. Screenshots and videos must be good quality and clearly indicate the breech in the GA.
    5. The decision on whether or not a GA was broken falls to the Clan Wars Admin and the decision will be deemed as final.
    6. Gentlemen’s Agreements for COD: Modern Warfare CDL SnD are as follows:
  • 2 trophies per team
  • 1 smoke per team
  • 2 flash per team
  • 2 stuns per team
  • No silencers
  • No thermals
  • No renneti
  • No battle pass weapons
  • No merc foregrip
  • No 41AE rounds on uzzi
  • No integral suppressor
  1. Search and Destroy will be conducted on the following maps:
    1. Arklov Peak
    2. Azhir Cave
    3. Gun Runner
    4. Hackney Yard
    5. Piccadilly
    6. Rammaza
    7. St. Petrograd
  2. Map selections will be chosen for matches per round by Clan Wars and made available to all teams at the start of the comp.
  1. Teams must be registered by ONLY the team captain before-hand at the link provided.
  2. Teams will only be officially registered upon full payment of R600.00 paid by the team captain on the link provided after submitting your registration form.
  3. Teams MUST be made up of exactly 6 players (5 players plus 1 sub).
  4. Multi-claning will be allowed to promote female gaming, only if a female gamer plays for a mixed and an all-girls team. In all other cases, players are only allowed to register to one team.
  5. Players may not be substituted unless they appear on the registration.
  6. Players are not restricted to region; however, the organizers will not be responsible for token issues that arise from “PING” or “LAG” should non-regional players be involved. The only regional restriction is that a non-South African player may not host a match. There are no restrictions on the platform players can participate on.
  7. Players are not permitted to change their COD name during the event. If an on-screen player name is found to be different from the one that was registered for their team, they are not permitted to play matches.
  8. All team members should understand that the event takes place for the duration of the week 1-6 March and  should bare that in mind when registering for the event.
  1. Servers are hosted on a Private Match platform using the CDL (Call of Duty League) SND mode. Restricted items in this case are already unavailable.
  1. Only 5 players per team are permitted on the server during matches. The only other allowances on the server in CODCASTER will be a streamer and host (in the case of external host). Spectating for your team will result in an immediate ban from the competition.
  2. External hosts may not be a part of either clan taking part.
  3. Hosts may be either PC or console, depending on the majority platform of those taking part (baring in mind that should you have for example one PC player, their connection to a console host does seem to be affected, adding extra ping to the minority platform). 
  4. The only regional restriction is that a non-South African player may not host a match, this means that a player/host based in South Africa MUST host the match.
  5. Should a server be set up incorrectly, the map must be abandoned, the host should correct the error and the map should be replayed.
  6. Teams may stream from their own POV (point of view).
  7. Streamers are asked to add an additional delay on the broadcasting side to combat “stream sniping.”
  8. Same team streaming (Streamer belongs to one of the teams taking part) will only be allowed only if:
    1. The match is broadcast (Link to be provided by the stream team)
    2. The captains explicitly agree (Assumptions will not be regarded as a defense)
    3. A representative of both teams is present on the broadcast (If a team wishes to stream their own clans match, a commentator from the opposing team must be present in the stream, as both teams should be represented)
  1. If a server crashes (on the host side) in a burn round or LIVE game, the host is required to restart that round/mode. The “crashed” round will be taken as void. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed to restart the game and server.
  2. If the server crashes and cannot be restored, a Clan Wars admin will rule on the outcome on a case-by-case basis.
  3. In games where a player(s) drops, it is the duty of the team captains to immediately confirm to each other if player(s) disconnects from the game. Please keep an eye on your match group to identify this problem as soon as it happens – hosts should also be vigilant for this and take corrective measures where necessary.
    1. If a player drops before the end of round 2 on a map, the map should be abandoned and allow the player a chance to get back into the server before restarting.
    2. Should the same player drop a second time, the game will continue without them or they should try to re-join the server. If the player cannot re-join the server, they will need to wait for the round to be over to be invited.
  1. As this is a limited duration even and not a season, match days will be allocated to teams based on their round standings (Round 1 will take place on Monday, round 2 will take place on Tuesday, etc.)
  2. Match times may be negotiated between the teams provided they fall within the correct day.
  3. Should teams not be able to negotiate a time, a Clan Wars admin will allocate a time on that particular day for them. This is a last resort, and the decision is final. Any team who does not show up for the match will be deemed to forfeit.
  4. Please note that game days are non-negotiable and teams registering for the event will need to ensure all players are aware of this and understand that matches will not be moved.
  5. Teams are required to be present and ready to play 15 minutes before matches. Should a match not commence 15 minutes past the starting time, the team that is not present or is postponing will be held accountable and will face a forfeit of that match.
  6. Should players be missing on game night and a sub cannot be placed in the team or if more than one player is not available post the 15-minute leeway, that team will play with its available players or take a forfeit (eg. 4v5 or 3v5).
  7. In the case of central server issues relating to the Call of Duty servers or updates, the Clan Wars admin will rule on this on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Should Loadshedding occur during the week of the comp, it is the team captains’ responsibility to check schedules and plan accordingly with subs or match times. Should there be an unreasonable conflict, it must be reported to the Clan Wars admin well ahead of the match to rule on a case-by-case basis.
  1. The tournament round winner MUST submit all 3 legible scorecards to the designated “score-submissions” channel on the Clan Wars Discord for processing.
  1. Teams are reminded that Clan Wars Esports is an organisation that promotes fair play and good sportsmanship. In the spirit of building a fun, competitive environment that grows the community, bad sportsmanship may result in a map or match forfeit. Bad sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Toxic Behaviour
    2. Insulting comments
    3. Bullying
    4. Sexual harassment or comments
    5. Racial harassment or comments
    6. Extremist statements
    7. Religious harassment or negative comments
    8. Any form of discrimination
    9. Any sexual content 
  2. Teams found to be guilty of one or more offenses may additionally be banned from future Clan Wars events and seasons.
  1. FRAUDULENT attempts to convince any part of the Clan Wars administration team with false information, data or fake statements may result in a permanent ban from all Clan Wars Leagues, competitions, tournaments and social media platforms. This includes (but is not limited to) accusing players and teams from cheating without proof. Any sort of cheating either direct or indirect during a Clan Wars season or match is forbidden.
  2. CHEATING in any competitive environment is prohibited in any form. Cheating in video games involves a player using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier for themselves or harder for other players. Cheats may be activated from within the game itself (a cheat code implemented by the original game developers) or created by third-party software (a game trainer) or hardware (a cheat cartridge, inserted device or controller). They can also be realised by exploiting software bugs; this may or may not be considered cheating based on whether the bug is considered common knowledge.
  3. PROMOTING, advertising or encouraging the use of any cheating method, device or exploit as mentioned above is prohibited.
  4. ACCOUNT SWAPPING with players not registered for the event is prohibited. By registering your name and details for the event, you are proclaiming that you are the player taking part and no 3rd party is playing on your account.
  5. Any player found to be contravening the rules against cheating will be subject to an investigation and the player and or team they represent could forfeit their matches, forfeit prizes and possibly be banned from future events and seasons hosted by Clan Wars. An official report will be conducted and released to the teams taking part in Clan Wars in an effort to minimize future cases of cheating and to promote transparency in the community.