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Hacking accusations are as old as I am and still you can find them on a daily basis, but I think it’s important to understand a few things. Let’s get something clear; even though it is possible to hack the Playstation 4, which basically means you are turning your PS into a PC, it’s almost impossible. This is not a simple case of just jail breaking your console. You will not just destroy your Playstation, preventing you from installing future updates, it’s also very very difficult and therefore extremely unlikely anyone will do it.

So what about external devices? The ground here is very shaky. Using 3rd party USB modded devices will allow you to do the following: anti recoil, sniper breath, aim assist mod, jitter mod / rapid fire. Do I think these devices work? Yes and No. Will it make you a “god player”, I doubt it. There’s pro’s and con’s to using aftermarket devices. The Cronus Zen and Cronus Max are very controversial. Have I ever used them? No! Have I ever owned any? No! Have I ever played with any? No! However, I have spoken to people who has and also know people in some of the prominent clans who do use them. These devices are not hacking devices and cannot change the programming of the actual game! It’s difficult to identify players using these devices but there are some clues. One clear give away is the fact that it changes the sound of a gun when set to rapid fire. Even though some guys have super human clicking abilities, you can hear the rapid fire a mile away. The gun sound like a machine gun, every shot is in perfect sync and goes on forever. Even when one has a super finger, you will very unlikely hit the button in perfect spacing and sync the whole clip. You will still need to aim quit accurately as well.

What about the aim assist mod? The game already has some serious aim assist, so I doubt that it will give one such a great advantage. Yes, there is an advantage here, but having great aim with aim assist off is a much better advantage and playing with a modded device will actually rob you from the muscle memory you require to become a great gamer. Therefore, you might be a “pub god” but in fact you will never become a good player. What about Mouse and Keyboard? Unlike the Xbox One, there is usually an input delay when using it on the PS (so I have heard). You might gain on movement but will usually lose on the controller aim assist and any good controller player can learn to play on high sensitivity, which can balance out the M&K movement gains. Scuff controllers? If you really need help, these controllers are your best bet and will ultimately give you the best advantage out of all the aftermarket products. However, this will only help if you are already a skilled player and is it really worth the money? They are expensive and is known to not be that reliable. The normal PS controller can last up to 6 times longer than a Scuff and is almost 3 to 4 times cheaper. If you really need the advantage that bad, to boost your self-confidence, by outperforming other players in a video game, knowing you have an advantage, you probably also park in the handicap parking at your local mall.

Here is the real truth, if you want to become a “god player”, do it the right way…. practice, practice, practice. Set yourself goals. Work on getting used to play on high sensitivity for movement advantage. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Learn the basics of the game and exploit that. Good Map knowledge and movement is already a great advantage and costs nothing. When you consider using after market and 3rd party devices, you have already given up on yourself and it shows that you aren’t confident in your own abilities. Yes it sucks getting rek’d but have you ever considered how the people feel whom you kill time after time? We tend to focus more on our own shortcomings than the things we actually get right. So put away your handbags and don’t let the thing which gives you so much joy, also rob you of that.

Philip Buys

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