Kick Off

Each year the Santa Shoebox Project collects and 

distributes personalised gifts of essential items and treats for 

underprivileged children throughout  South Africa and Namibia. In 13 years, your generosity has reached 858 673 children.


This year, CLAN WARS NPC is proud to bring to you our first Santa Shoe Box Initiative!

Pledging is open 1 September - 1 November 2019

Pledging has started - what are you waiting for !

Progress So Far!!!

Raised out of a target of R20 000 = 50 Boxes


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This Christmas

The Santa Shoebox Project originated in Cape Town in 2006 with a humble 180 shoeboxes. In 14 years it has grown in leaps and bounds, with the number of Santa Shoeboxes donated reaching a total of 858 673. The shoeboxes are distributed to more than 1000 recipient facilities each year, through more than 60 satellites around South Africa and Namibia.

Gifts & Treats

The success of the Project can largely be attributed to its personal nature – donors give gifts of essential items and treats to children whose names, ages and genders are known. The minimum 8 required items are a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a wash cloth, sweets, a toy, school supplies and an outfit of clothing – all new, unused and age-appropriate.

Be involved

The project is supported by an extensive network of volunteers across South Africa and Namibia – kind-hearted people who give freely of their time, energy and expertise without remuneration. It also relies on the generous backing of various corporate sponsors pledging monetary or pro bono support. Many companies, involving their staff members pledge Santa Shoeboxes.

What we want to do

In September, pledges open to make boxes to give to children for Christmas. Clan Wars NPC is doing a charity drive to pledge and donate boxes from our community. We will pack the boxes and distribute them on your behalf, or you are welcome to be directly involved and help us bring a smile to a child this Christmas. 

You can donate to a virtual box of R400 and we will make one up for you, decorate each box and deliver it on your behalf. You are also welcome to join us when we deliver the boxes – That is up to you!

Boxes must include:

* Toothbrush & toothpaste
* Facecloth & soap
* Sweets
* A Toy
* Stationery
* Clothing Outfit

As well as optional extra items:
  * A lunchbox and water bottle
  * Always sanitary towels or Old Spice deodorant
  * A Book
There is a small administration fee added to              ensure we can cover the cost involved in packing,      transportation and transaction fees.


For those in the Johannesburg area – Nexus Hub has offered the venue for a “Clan Wars Community Day” for us to build and decorate the boxes for those in the community that would like to be part of this process. Details will be provided closer to the time.

Time is ticking: Pledging Stops 1 November


ClanWars NPC

CLAN WARS ESPORTS (2019 / 246335 / 08) is a registered NPC with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and governed by and complies to The Companies Act, 2008 with direct governance by a board of Directors.

Clan Wars eSports NPC has been a labour of love, built out of the drive to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

With the support of the incredible community behind us and the passion of the individuals who work tirelessly in their own time to make this initiative a reality, we hope to uplift and effect positive changes in the lives of gamers all across South Africa and in their communities.

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The Children’s Act

The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 (as amended by the Children’s Amendment Act 41 of 2007) and the associated Regulations came into force on 1 April 2010 to respect, promote, protect and fulfil children’s constitutional rights. The Santa Shoebox Project does its utmost to uphold the rights of the children it represents, to ensure that active steps are taken to prevent third parties from interfering with and violating the children’s rights.

To protect the identity of the recipient children in our project, we can no longer display a list of children’s names in direct association with the name of a facility, in a public domain such as our Website. This ensures that no member of the public will gain access to a named child through our website. We are aware that many of our donors continue to support the same facilities year after year, and we realise the necessary change to the pledging process may create some disappointment. We also know that you will support any policy that keeps our kids safe from potential harm.

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