Here at Clan Wars we do not only aim to give exposure to the Players and Clans of the Game…. but also those special people that make it possible for viewers to watch and enjoy others playing the game. After all, any community has those people who aspire to bring content to the rest of the community to enjoy – We call these people our – Clan Wars Official Streamers.

The first live streaming was done by the band Severe Tire Damage on June 24, 1993. The event was seen live in Australia and other locations over the Internet. While streaming audio is not quite as bandwidth-intensive, streaming video does require more bandwidth to achieve. Live streaming is the act of creating streaming content and broadcasting it live. The live streamer uses a video and a microphone connected to a networked encoding device (usually a computer) and in this case sometimes the PS4 directly. The video and audio are encoded and broadcast live on the Internet as it is filmed.

Clan Wars Official Streamers

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MSMK Stream Team
(Yes – it’s a team, not a person)

Stream Hosting: Yes

Stream Setup: PS4 Direct stream



The MSMK Stream Team consists of a looney, outspoken bunch of potassium gobbling monkeys that may or may not have a banana or two stuck up their asses. They’ll happily discuss the game while slinging poop at each other and obviously swinging towards low-hanging fruit.

This team consists mostly of monkey elders and stream hosts will vary between V_For_VanDango, Maliez_ZA, Dirac_911_Delta, zAntiloop, KILLER-BURNZ278 and the corner-max pro, “not on my level”: HEDFUK84


Let’s banter girls x



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Sheree Buchholz
(Endseeker707 @Shezie_b)

Stream Hosting: Yes

Streaming Set Up: Capture Card & PC/Laptop with Broadcasting Software, Playstation 4 with Elgato HD60S Capture Card to an Asus FX735 Gaming Laptop


Endseeker707 has been gaming for the better part of 12 years, moving from PC to Xbox 360 to Playstation 4.

For the last 4 years, she has been focused on the competitive community in Battlefield. Seeker started her casting career in an international Battlefield league 4 years ago, and has since chosen to focus her attention on the local South African gaming community, casting matches, doing gameplay streams, creating content and writing reviews.

Seeker was honoured to be given the role of DICE friend in Battlefield and then really humbled to be chosen by EA Games to represent them as an EA Game Changer – both titles a first for anyone in South Africa. She has been fortunate to able to add casting live at the rAge expo 2017 and the inaugural Comic Con Africa 2018 for Battlefield on behalf of VS Gaming.

Endseeker is a strong advocate of local gaming and plans to promote cohesion within the community. Seeker heads up the local community Battlefield page, overseeing the moderators and is also involved as admin in many international Battlefield and general gaming Facebook pages and discord servers and is a promoter of females in gaming world-wide.

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Lisa Wilson

Stream Hosting: Yes

Stream Setup: PS4 Direct Stream



I started gaming back in 2016, starting with Battlefield 4. I discovered Tanking and loved it. I Spent many years watching my boyfriend game and got tips and tricks from him and gave it a go when we got a second PS4. I have made many friends in gaming since then.

My 1st full game experience has been with battlefield 1, I started at release. I then joined DPS in 2017 and have been with them since then. I worked my way up and am now an admin for the team.

Not long after joining DPS I formed an all-women’s clan called ‘Gun Slinger Girls’ we love to show the boys what we can do, take part in streams, competitions and have loads of fun together as we build and grow our platoon. Looking forward to BFV, See you on the Battlefield.



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