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The below is a snapshot of the latest two maps, Provence and Lofoten Islands, both built for those who prefer all-out infantry combat.

Provence Map Overview

This map is based in occupied France and takes place in 1943. Despite the Axis stranglehold on the area, resistance is steadily growing stronger with the help of Allied RAF commando operations deep behind enemy lines. The narrow, cobblestoned streets once filled with life and laughter are now a charnel house echoing with gunfire, shouted orders, and the cries of the wounded and dying.

Lofoten Islands Map Overview

The map takes place on the Lofoten Islands in the late spring of 1941 and is loosely based on Operation Claymore. This British commando operation was tasked with destroying vital, Axis-held fish oil factories on the islands. The oil was being shipped to Germany, where glycerine was extracted and used to manufacture high explosives. On this map, combat breaks out at both a fish oil factory (on the first island) and in a nearby village (on the second island).

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